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Sleep Management

QUBEE training team conducted an in-house workshop on “Sleep Management” to help employees contribute towards a healthy lifestyle where one can gain more time for personal hobbies, leisure and learning.


Sand Castles @ beach

A one Day event at Seaview, where Dr. Suzanna organized a Sand Castle building activity. The event was indirectly aimed at beach cleaning & taking responsibility for the beauty and cleanliness of our environment. Lets make our beaches clean and fun – Qubee style!



Quad-Storm, a marching band of percussionists, rejuvenating music and soul all over Lahore in June 2011 @ Hardees, Hotspot, World Fashion Cafe, Cafe Rock, Mall of Lahore, Gloria Jeans, HobKnob & Gelato Affairs.The activity was was also covered by City FM 42.


Yellow Day!

Basant at its peek @ Qubee – a day full of fun, food and ‘all things Yellow!’ A competition within office that made people wear Yellow apparel to win!