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At Qubee, life is as it should be – simple and fun.

We love what we do, and we do what we’re good at. We have one focus: we do what it takes to achieve our goals together. Our work ethics and values revolve around giving our users a better customer experience, which is impossible to achieve without a good ‘employee’ experience!

We don’t just talk about having an “open door policy”, we follow it. Sometimes, people who come in for meetings mistake the boss with the subordinate! Whats more, we joke about it in our casual meet-ups, because that’s how we are. We don’t stand behind titles – we stand behind our people.

We strive hard to develop our human resource. Training and development has been a very formidable part of our HR management. We engage our people and also our business partners in our training as we believe in growing together. Besides having a team of dedicated trainers in-house, we also engage industry renowned trainers.

Working for Qubee was a life changing experience for me. It's a place with lots of opportunities and an open field with an exciting, challenging and encouraging environment. I have learned a lot in my tenure and Qubee has rewarded me more than my expectations
Nattasha Nisar, Marketing Communication & Products Manager
6 glorious years and counting! Grew both professionally and personally with a amazing set of people where no stones are left unturned for customer satisfaction and innovation. Imagine being a customer and how’d you want to be treated is the rule of thumb here
Aamir Shahnawaz, Manager Customer Touchpoints
Joining the Qubee team was one of the best decisions of my career as I have an opportunity to work with some of the most competent people within the telecommunications industry. Every day I enjoy my job and love interacting with an amazing team of diverse, intelligent and passionate individuals
Faisal Aziz, Manager Access Network
Spending energy to understand the customers need and carefully designing a message is one of the challenging tasks. Each day starts with new challenge and ends with new learning. Our goal at Qubee is to promote a winning attitude in a Work Environment
Waqas Rafiq, Digital Marketing Specialist