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Surprising Facts about Mobile Shoppers

Everything sells in Pakistan. Doubt it? Ask your dudh wala if he isn`t carrying a Chinese mobile and your younger brother carrying a better mobile than yours.

Now I would throw some facts for you to believe in.

On average, minimum age group of mobile phone user in cities is 13-15 years. A grade 7 kid likes to connect through mobile for games. See the changing trend!

The most crowded markets after fashion clothing are mobile phone markets. People are more interested in searching mobile specifications than searching literature.

We buy mobile phones from Gali, mohalla to online shop. The most improvised channels of buying are integrated with mobile phone industry. I happen to know a person who received an unknown call almost mid-might and the caller was dealing for mobile exchange!

Mobile phone is one commodity that might has the best reseller value in local market.Anywhere, anytime, in any condition; somebody would be willing to buy your mobile phone.

Nobody buys a mobile phone with an intention of keeping it until it is non-usable. On average, people keep mobile phones for 3-6 months at most.

These days, a mobile with maximum number of Apps is hot selling. The customer might not have any use of it but he would buy it because it is hot selling.

The most interactive online portals are mobile selling websites. People would exchange their personal information online and fix up a meeting place just because they are so into the phone somebody wants to sell.

Talk to the PHONE- SIRI

Feeling lonely? no one to talk to? Well, you can always talk to.. your PHONE – if, you can spend a small fortune on it, that is.That’s right, the new iPhone 4S has an inbuilt voice recognition assistant called SIRI. Apparently, SIRI (a female by her tone) understands everything you say to her (English) and she is the first VRS of her kind that’s ‘not RACIST’. This implies that she can understand a desi English dialect as well as you can understand a british accent?

But before you go out looking for that hot female assistant’s voice, you need to consider the following:

1. The price tag is 74k PKR to start with. That’s a LOT of money to spend on a laptop, let alone a smartphone.

2. SIRI does not talk to people who don’t have internet access on their phone – that’s right, you need to be connected to the internet 24/7 for SIRI to function.

3. Steve Jobs died last year, don’t expect him to give you support/patches for this one ;)

All in all, it’s a good collector’s item, being a revolution in human/electronic device interfacing. But it’s not your everyday phone, especially if you don’t have a good GPRS (phone based internet) provider on your SIM. The price tag is useless without the voice recognition, which doesn’t work without the internet. Duh!

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