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Maya Khan – the Detective!

Although I had no intention to pick up this overrated topic of Maya Khan, but after I went through all the blogs, news channel coverage, Facebook photos and YouTube videos on Maya Khan, here I find myself writing about it. All that has already been written is both serious criticism on her lifestyle and how she has invaded into the personal lives of innocent people..

I am not a very big fan of the morning show so I missed this one too – it’s not that big a deal as the whole show is available on YouTube. After watching the show 3 weeks later, I came to the conclusion that the detective and her gang had failed to catch those who had chosen parks to date – that too at the earliest hours of the day. What an idea it was to raid the parks with cameras! Only minds like Maya can think of them. Thumbs up!

Maya Khan you didn’t do well yourself, neither did those you caught in the parks o_O– but you sure have been successful at getting TRPs. I guess you aimed to beat ‘Humsafar’ which you certainly failed to do! Try with something else next time!

Check out what Maya Khan had to say when given a chance to defend herself.

Humsafar – Talk of the Town!

Everyone wants to stay home on Saturday between 8 to 9 pm including you and me. Why? The most apparent reason is “to watch Humsafar!”

Humsafar - A Hum TV production that is making people go crazy! If you haven’t seen Humsafar and are at a gathering – you’d rush back home with curiosity to find out what is it about the drama series that has gotten it so much attention to be the Talk of the town! The only place u’ll find people not talk about Humsafar is at a funeral..ummm..Wait! This is not true!

Khirad and Ashar being the main characters of Humsafar have gained a lot of popularity – girls wanting to have husbands as handsome as Ashar and guys want to have a gurl like Khirad for their life partners have obvious reasons.

The story revolves around Ashar and Khirad getting married against their wills and then separated later – due to a plot concocted by Khirad’s mother in law – a character assassination of Khirad using Khizar Alam for an extra marital affair. 4 years later the couple unite to save the life of their daughter “Hareem” who is suffering from a cardiac disease.

Everyone is claiming to have read the Novel and know how it ends - which for sure is a happy ending! But will the director stick to the script? How do you think it should end?

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